RISO's ME9350 series printer offers one-pass two-colour at up to 150 ppm. High quality 600 x 600 dpi print resolution, support for a wide range of paper types, and highly economical costs per page, the ME9350 printer will deliver you powerful results and give your documents a professionally-finished look.

Key Features

  • One-pass two-colour at up to 150 ppm A4.
  • Support for two user-replaceable print drums.
  • High quality 600 x 600 dpi print resolution.
  • Maximum 1000-sheet paper capacity, supporting weights 46 to 210 g/m², expandable up to 400 g/m² with Card Feed Kit option.
  • Advanced print driver and full PC connectivity.
  • Automatic colour separation to match loaded drums.
  • Lightweight, front loading print drums.
  • ID Print support for confidential documents.

Wide-ranging applications for two colour printing.

Advertising flyers and leaflets, announcements, newsletters, tickets, business applications such as letterheads, reports and name cards, lesson materials, invitations, coupons...the list just goes on and on. If you can print it, it's sure to look better with a second colour.

Smart, easy and versatile - two-colour printing the way you want it.

  • RISO ME series printers make two-colour printing quick and easy, thanks to an advanced printer driver that virtually does the job for you.
  • You also enjoy manual control for those times when you want something the printer driver doesn't do for you automatically.
  • PC connectivity lets you use software you already know to create your originals, so you're always in familiar territory. There's no faster or easier way to carry out two-colour printing than RISO ME series printers.
  • Data from a PC for users who create originals on a PC, the included printer driver software automatically handles colour separation when the data is sent to the printer. Layering colour printing is also available.

Precise, simple colour separation control.

  • Automatic colour separation function in the printer driver separates colours to match the print drums loaded in the printer. For example, if you have red and black drums, red and black tones in your image will be separated and sent to the respective drum, with other colours tones set to layering between red and black.
  • Manual mode, for more precise control, lets you specify individual colours for text/line art and photos on your original data and print with whichever drum you like.
  • Combination print allows you to do split print runs of documents such as school tests with the first half of the run showing only the questions in, for example, black and the second half of the print run showing questions in black and the answers in red.
  • Preview and Edit function lets you preview the results of colour separation on your PC before you print to be sure the actual results will be exactly what you want. If you're not satisfied with the displayed separation, you can edit it by specifying precise areas and changing the colour as you wish.

Easy-to-read touchpanel for simple operation.

  • Enjoy clear, at-a-glance viewing of functions – and even a preview of how your printed document will look – with the large touchpanel screen.
  • With logical grouping of functions you simply step through the menus until you reach your desired operation.
  • Customize the panel layout and place your most-frequently used functions on the top screen.

Simple consumables replacement and master-making.

  • Swapping a print drum for one of a different colour is easier than ever with front-loading, lightweight print drums.
  • Front panel access makes changing the ink bottle quick and easy. Simply insert the ink bottle and twist it into place.
  • Master unit is side-mounted and slides out like a drawer for simple replacement of the master roll.
  • Easy 2-colour process makes it quick and easy to create two-colour masters and also offers you a choice of how to do it so you can select the method you find easiest or the one that's most suitable for your print job.

General Specifications

Master-makingHigh-speed digital master-making
Printing methodsFully automatic one pass two color stencil printing
Print Speed60 - 150 sheets per minute
Print Drums2 drums
Printing Image Resolution600dpi x 600dpi
Scanning Resolution600dpi x 600dpi
Max. Paper SizeA3
Dimensions (W×D×H)1625mm(W) x 735mm(D) x 740mm(H)

Scanning Specifications

Original typeBook, Sheet
Scanning Area (max.)310mm x 432mm
Original Size (Glass Platen)50 mm
Original Size (AF-VI Option)100 mm
Original Size (DX-1 Option)105 mm
Original Paper Weight (Glass Platen)10kg or less
Original Paper Weight (AF-VI Option)50 gsm - 128 gsm
Original Paper Weight (DX-1 Option)Single-sided feeding: 40 gsm - 128 gsm; Duplex-sided feeding: 52 gsm - 105 gsm

Paper Handling Specifications

Print Paper Size320 mm
Print paper size (min.) for Dual Colour Print182 mm
Print paper size (min.) for Single Colour Print with drum 1100mm x 148mm
Print paper size (min.) for Single Colour Print with drum 2182mm x 257mm
Paper Supply CapacityApprox. 1,000 sheets (80 gsm) / Maximum Height 110 mm
Print Paper Weight (standard)46 gsm - 210 gsm
Print Paper Weight (with Card Feed Kit option)400g/m

Print & Master

Print Speed60 - 150 sheets per minute
Master-making time for Dual Colour PrintApprox. 57 seconds (for Dual-Color print)
Master-making time for Single Colour Print with drum 1Approx. 24 seconds (for Mono-Color print (Drum 1))
Master-making time for Single Colour Print with drum 2Approx. 34 seconds (for Mono-Color print (Drum 2, when Print Drum 1 is not set))
Ink supplyFully automatic (1,000 ml per cartridge)
Master Supply / DisposalFully automatic (approx. 220 sheets per roll)
Master Disposal Capacity100 sheets
Printing Area (max.)291mm x 413mm
Print Reproduction RatioPreset enlargements: 163%, 141%, 122%, 116%; Preset reductions: 87%, 82%, 71%, 61%; Zoom : 50% - 200%
Print Position AdjustmentVertical: +/-15 mm Horizontal: +/-10 mm
Image Processing ModeLine, Photo (Standard/Portrait/Group), Duo (Line/Photo/Shadow off), Pencil (Darker/Lighter)
FeaturesPrint Mode (Dual-color/Mono-color), Auto Document Feeder (optional), Direct Print, Scanning Contrast (Manual/Auto), Paper Size detection, Auto- Process, Dot Process (4 types), Contrast Adjustment, Tone Curve, Ink Saving, Multi-Up Print (2 up/Single-Original/ Multiple-Original/Multi-Up Tickets), Layout, Book Shadow, Top Margin, Binding Margin, Max. Scan, Easy 2-Color, Preview, One Side Master Make, Print Speed Adjustment, Print Density Adjustment, Print Position Adjustment, 1=2 Alignment, Proof, Double Feed Check, Interval Printing, Jump Wing Control, Special Paper Control, User Management, Programmed Printing (3 types), Job Memory, Confidential mode, Reservation, Idling, Renew Page, Output Reversal, ADF Semi-Auto (with optional ADF unit installed), Scanning Side (with optional ADF DX-1), Rotate, ID Counter Report, My Direct Access, Admin. Mode, Auto 90

Other Specifications

User InterfaceLCD Touch Panel with Progress Arrow indicators
Sound LevelMax. 66 dB(A) (when printing 100 sheets per minute)
Power SourceAC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power ConsumptionMax. 600 W (100 V) / 580 W (220 V); Ready: approx. 53 W (100 V, 220 V); Sleep: approx. 2 W (100 V, 220 V)
WeightApprox. 170kg