RISO EZ371 digital duplicator offers lower running costs and higher printing speed to achieve greater expense-reduction and productivity than photocopiers and printers can provide. It can process large-batch printing to maximize efficiency in many ways, delivering everything from fixed-form documents to envelopes, cards, leaflets, educational materials and more. The EZ371's superior value, A3-size print capability, exceptional image quality, versatile performance and affordable price make it the smart solution for handling a wide range of printing work.

Key Features

  • High speed printing up to 130 ppm.
  • Five step variable printing speeds ranging between 60 to 130 ppm.
  • Print resolution of 300 x 600 dpi.
  • Maximum 1000-sheet paper capacity, supporting weights 46 to 210 g/m², expandable up to 400 g/m² with Card Feed Kit option.
  • The larger the job volume, the lower the operating cost.
  • Four preset image processing modes for optimal output.
  • Energy Star certified with Auto Sleep Mode and Auto Power-OFF Mode reducing power consumption when not in use.

High speed, and highly productive.

  • The EZ371 can print at a maximum of 130 ppm - that's over 1,000 pages in only eight minutes!
  • Use the Program Output feature to quickly sort output by groups.
  • Program A outputs different quantities of prints per group (e.g. Group 1 - 20 pages, 2 sets, Group 2 - 30 pages, 1 set).
  • Program B outputs different quantities per page of multiple-page originals (e.g. Original A - 10 pages, Original B - 20 pages).
  • The optional Job Separator raises sorting efficiency by inserting tape to mark the end of a job.
  • EZ371 can handle special papers including thick paper, thin paper, envelopes and cards, so you can print more in-house and reduce outsourcing.

High quality output and superior ease of use.

  • High quality printing of text and images for a range of work - fixed-form documents, envelopes, leaflets, teaching materials and more.
  • For optimal output, the EZ371 features four preset image processing modes: Line, Photo, Duo (line/photo/shadow off) and Pencil (darker/lighter).
  • Copy functions are performed with a simple two-step operation.
  • Master Disposal Box is compact and upright, so disposing of used masters stored in it is as simple as pushing a lever.
  • Replacing ink bottles is as easy as a single click after opening the front door.

Advanced features to lower your operating costs.

  • A master copy of the original document is created, from which prints are made. This means that printing cost per copy of a document reduces with every print, making the EZ371 highly economical for large volume printing.
  • Reduce paper costs by printing multiple originals onto one sheet of paper.
  • Saving Mode minimizes ink usage - making large-volume printing especially cost-effective.
  • ECO mode minimises electricity consumption without compromising print quality.
  • Auto Sleep Mode automatically turns on Sleep Mode, reducing power consumption to just about 5W.
  • Auto Power-OFF Mode turns the power off automatically after a certain period of time elapses.

General Specifications

Master-makingHigh-speed digital master-making
Printing methodsFully automatic stencil printing
Print Speed60 ppm - 130 ppm (5 steps variable)
Print Drums1 drum
Printing Image Resolution300dpi x 600dpi (600dpi x 600dpi: Perforation density on the master)
Scanning Resolution300dpi x 600dpi
Max. Paper SizeA3
Dimensions (W×D×H)1415mm(W) x 655mm(D) x 665mm(H)

Scanning Specifications

Original typeBook, Sheet
Scanning Area (max.)297 mm x 432 mm
Original Size (Glass Platen)When using the Glass Platen : 50 mm x 90 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm
Original Size (AF-VI Option)100 mm x 148 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm
Original Paper Weight (Glass Platen)10 kg or less
Original Paper Weight (AF-VI Option)When using the AF-VI (option) : 50 gsm - 128 gsm

Paper Handling Specifications

Print Paper Size100 mm x 148 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm
Paper Supply Capacity1000 sheets (64 gsm)
Print Paper Weight (standard)Standard : 46 gsm - 210 gsm
Print Paper Weight (with Card Feed Kit option)100 gsm - 400 gsm

Print & Master

Print Speed60 ppm - 130 ppm (5 steps variable)
Master-Making TimeApprox. 16 seconds (for A4 / Landscape); Approx. 20 seconds (for A4 / Portrait) - for 100% reproduction ratio
Ink supplyFully automatic (1,000 ml per cartridge)
Master Supply / DisposalFully automatic (220 sheets per roll)
Master Disposal CapacityApprox. 100 sheets
Printing Area (max.)291 mm x 413 mm
Print Reproduction Ratio3 enlargements: 116%, 122%, 141%; 3 reductions: 87%, 82%, 71%; Zoom: 50% - 200% in 1% increments; Margin+: 94%
Print Position AdjustmentVertical:
Image Processing ModeLine, Photo, Duo, Pencil

Other Specifications

User InterfaceLED Panel with Progress Arrow indicators, Front Side Operation
Power Source220V - 240V AC, 50Hz - 60Hz
WeightApprox. 101kg