DEVELOP’s ineo+ 454/554 optimises document productivity

Langenhagen, August 2012

DEVELOP provides with the latest multifunctional office system ineo+ 454/554 a perfect solution to simplify office workflows. Customised functions and optimised processes offer a streamline document production and make greater media and finishing flexibility possible.

Barbara Plumeyer, the ineo+ 454/554 Product Manager, highlights the strengths of this new office machine: “The decisive factor is the boost to productivity it brings – for example through its speed and finishing capabilities such as its ease of use. It’s not just the first-class output – The full-colour, tiltable 9-inch capacitive touchscreen is also as easy to use as any smartphone. You can select the settings you want with just a few clicks, leave frequently used functions on the start screen and remove any you don’t want. Tailoring the screen to a user’s individual requirements saves lots of time and helps to streamline the document production process. And that boosts productivity.”

Streamlined work processes

In many businesses there is much room for improvement in document production. The ineo+ 454/554 has been designed to make this workflow more efficient by reducing the amount of manual work involved. For example, documents can be scanned as .pptx files or archived as PDF/A files. The software tools DEVELOP offers as optional extras can also help to optimise the document workflow. store+find, for example, does away with time-wasting searches for “lost” documents by ensuring everyone can be located fast while convert+share converts documents to the required format and sends them to any predefined destination.

User-friendly display

The 9-inch capacitive touchscreen has been designed for smartphone-affine users. It supports functions such as flick&drag and allows users to finger-swipe their way through the menu, while the use of pop-ups means users will not get lost in any number of confusing submenus. Since the full-colour display is as big as a tablet PC, it is easy to read, clearly arranged and allows users to see all the functions they need in one go. Moreover, since navigating the menu is simplicity itself, nobody needs to worry about the machine’s copying, scanning and faxing functions being difficult to use. All in all, this ease of use significantly reduces the time a user has to spend setting up a job.

High-quality output at speed

The ineo+ 454/554 delivers excellent quality output – not least thanks to a razor-sharp resolution of 1,200 dpi and DEVELOP’s innovative HD toner. The ineo+ 454 prints 45 A4 pages per minute in full colour or black and white, the ineo+ 554 prints 55 pages per minute – an optimized speed that is needed in a multi-user office department and at in-house printshops, advertising agencies or graphic design studios.

Improved productivity

Engine speed alone does not necessarily bring a lasting boost to productivity. What happens before and after a job is printed can be just as decisive. Here, the ineo+ 454/554 scores with ease of use, reassuring reliability and functions such as on-the-fly replacement of the toner cartridge and carbon-copy printing to ensure smoothly running work processes.

Finishing finesse

Functions such as booklet making (up to 80 pages), stapling, hole punching and various kinds of letter folding mean this multifunctional machine can be used to produce ready-to-mail brochures, stapled handouts, hole-punched invoices or indeed any other document needed for external or internal communication purposes. In-house production saves money and also speeds up the entire document production process.

Wide-ranging media support

The ineo+ 454/554 supports a broad range of media so that almost any kind of document can be printed on this machine. Whereas up to now, many companies have been forced to outsource production, for example, of invitations on thick, high-quality paper, the ineo+ 454/554 enables them to be produced in-house, saving time and money. The printable media include envelopes, recycled paper, pre-printed paper, overhead transparencies and thick card of up to 300 g/m2. This multifunctional device can handle all paper formats from A6 to A3+ (SRA3) or other user-defined formats and even print banners of up to 1.2 metres in length.

Reassuring data security

The ineo+ 454/554 is not only certified to the computer security standard ISO 15408 EAL 3 and comes with various data security features, such as hard-disk encryption and, when needed, data erasure. Equipped with security features such as IPsec, S/MIME e-mail encryption and IP filtering, the ineo+ 454/554 ensures that every form of communication or document transfer is undertaken securely. Moreover, unauthorised users have no chance of getting their hands on sensitive documents or data stored on the system since access can be restricted by means of authentication technology such as PINs, finger-vein scanning or contactless smart cards.

Eco-friendly and economical to run

The ineo+ 454/554 comes with a number of features that avoid unnecessary wastage of natural resources and reduce energy consumption. For example, the machine itself is mainly made of recycled plastic and the automatic deletion of blank pages avoids unnecessary copying or printing and wasted paper. The various energy-saving functions include the newly developed LED scanner exposure technology, an ErP operating mode that only uses 0.5 W, and the dynamic Eco Timer that adapts the system’s active phases to its actual operating periods. Blue Angel and Energy Star certificates round off the machine’s environmental credentials.

As an eco-friendly and economical office machine delivering high-quality output fast, the ineo+ 454/554 offers significant benefits as a multifunctional departmental device or as an all-rounder for in-house printshops, advertising agencies and graphic design studios.