DEVELOP ineo+ 654/754 focuses strongly on user needs

Langenhagen, February 2012

Is there any office equipment manufacturer that does not claim to have launched the best-ever device in terms of output quality, low running costs and ease of use? DEVELOP is possibly an exception. In the case of the new ineo+ 654/754, this manufacturer emphasises, first and foremost, the needs of the individual user. That is because this new generation of office devices can be individualised to suit a user’s requirements – a very convenient feature given that no two businesses are alike.

Patrick Klaus, Team Manager Product Marketing and responsible for the ineo+ 654/754, highlights the office system’s strengths: “Thanks to an intelligent new platform technology the ineo+ 654/754 sets new standards in ease of use and customisation. What’s more, the unique intuitive display focuses on the essentials and is certain to meet with a great response!”

Clear focus on user convenience

Office users often complain that the numerous buttons and functions make the operating panels of multifunctional machines difficult to use. The operating panel of the ineo+ 654/754, in contrast, can be customised to a user’s needs by activating certain functions and hiding unwanted ones. The most frequently used functions of a multifunctional office device – printing, copying, scanning, faxing – can be individually selected and freely arranged on the main panel for instant access. The main screen also provides direct access to any function, e.g. installed applications or preset workflows. Since pop-up windows open for all function settings, the main panel always remains accessible. This handy feature means users no longer need to worry about getting lost in a maze of many different function screens. To further enhance ease of use and intuitive operability, function settings have been enhanced with logical icons and the number of hard buttons reduced to a minimum.

The availability of different features can also be limited at a user level through three presets (basic, standard and full) for individual use of the device to different user groups, e.g. regular or infrequent users. This way, individualisation is not only good for a user’s nerves but also saves them a lot of time.

The user-friendly nature of the operating panel has been further enhanced by an innovative 9-inch capacitive colour touchscreen. Here, DEVELOP has taken a leaf out of the smartphone manufacturers’ book by introducing multi-touch functionality and intuitive “flick & drag” operability – well-known features of today’s smartphones and tablets.

More document production possibilities

The output quality delivered by the ineo+ 654/754 is closer to a top production-printing machine than a conventional office device – e.g. razor-sharp black-and-white text, even for small characters, in the high-quality 1,200 x 1,200 dpi mode. The fact that most everyday office documents are naturally printed or photocopied in black and white can prove relatively expensive on many colour systems. The ineo+ 654/754, in contrast, offers a click price that compares very well with that of monochrome machines. Just for the record, the ineo+ 654 prints 60 A4 ppm in colour and 65 in black and white, the ineo+ 754 60 and 75 ppm respectively.

Other useful features include SRA3 support (for oversized documents), a 180-ipm dual-scan function and an optional tri-fold function for invoices, customer correspondence and the like. Other optional finishing functions include hole punching, stapling and folding in various ways and automatic booklet making.

Excellent environmental credentials

The ineo+ 654/754 proves that ecology and economy are by no means incompatible. Since DEVELOP is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its machines, this office system comes with a whole host of ecologically beneficial highlights, e.g. LED scanner lighting, a 3W sleep and 0.5 power save mode, a wake-up-for-scan-only function and induction heating fuser technology. The machine’s dynamic eco-timer can be programmed on a weekday, date or time basis and also automatically analyses machine usage to improve settings, e.g. by switching to sleep mode during a recurring lunch break. All these energy-saving features help reduce the device’s power consumption to well below the limits set by Energy Star and Blue Angel. The outcome is a highly economical machine with low running costs.

Besides such energy-saving functions, the ineo+ 654/754 helps to reduce paper consumption by avoiding misprints and thus wasting paper. A copy and print preview function allows users to check their output and finishing settings before the machine produces a single page. Other paper-saving features include automatic duplex and n-up printing, which allows all the pages of a multi-page document to be previewed on a single page.

With its clear focus on ease of use and customised settings, the ineo+ 654/754 is an innovative addition to the high-end office segment – and is likely to go down well with both inexperienced and professionally competent users.