DEVELOP ineo 215: the all-round office system

Langenhagen, February 2012

Most office documents are printed in black and white on machines that are usually reliable and economical. No room for improvement? DEVELOP thought otherwise and recently launched the ineo 215, an all-round monochrome system that offers office users fast and efficient printing, copying and scanning as well as optional fax functionality.

“We know that many businesses are still working with fairly old copiers. Maybe they don’t realise what benefits a modern all-rounder could bring,” Barbara Plumeyer, the ineo 215 product manager. “Our new ineo 215 can make a big difference by improving the efficiency of document production in any office thanks to a number of useful features.”

Simple scanning

The duplex function in the ineo 215’s optional automatic document feeder (ADF) can scan up to 46 pages a minute and thus saves users a great deal of time when scanning multi-page documents or those printed on both sides. Another useful feature is the colour scanning mode, which allows colour documents to be archived in their original layout. The ineo 215 also enables scanned files to be forwarded directly to any networked e-mail address or stored on a FTP server or USB stick – in both cases straight from the system with no detour via the user’s PC.

Document security

The ineo 215 has been designed to ensure that sensitive documents do not get into the wrong hands. In the secure printing mode the system requires a four-digit PIN code to be entered before any sensitive document is printed. This way, users can be certain that only authorised person will get hold of a document only intended for the author.

Ease of use

An easy-to-use display menu guides users through the ineo 215’s numerous functions. This means they can quickly locate any function they want.

Good for the environment

The ineo 215 is manufactured from environmentally sound materials by an eco-friendly process. Moreover, the system’s low energy consumption helps to minimise the environmental and financial costs of office document production. Evidence of the ineo 215’s environmental credentials comes from its Blue Angel and Energy Star awards.

First-class output

The ultra-fine particles of the ineo 215’s HD toner ensure smooth greyscale gradation for highly legible text and crisp printing of images or even small characters. Other standard output features include page numbering, page combinations, a time stamp and document sorting.

In other words, the multifunctional ineo 215 meets the everyday document needs of any small or mid-sized office and comes with features that can enhance efficiency in document production.