Compact but powerful all-rounder: ineo+ 25

Langenhagen, May 2011

The new ineo+ 25 from DEVELOP combines the qualities of a powerful desktop printer with photocopying, scanning and faxing functions. So whatever office documents a small office or workgroup may require, the ineo+ 25 can deliver in colour or black & white. A compact design, convenient features and economical operatability add to the appeal of this all-rounder.

DEVELOP’s ineo+ 25 product manager, describes where this multifunctional device can be usefully employed: “These days, the demands made on a printer by a small office or workgroup are not much different from those of a big department: all kinds of documents need to be printed efficiently to ensure no time is wasted on routine jobs. The same is true of photocopying, scanning and faxing – functions that are still sometimes required in any office. Since the new ineo+ 25 is fast, easy to use and economical to run, it is a good solution for this kind of office situation.”

Powerful printer

Though small enough to fit on any desktop, the ineo+ 25 is a powerful printer. An 800 MHz printer controller ensures print jobs are processed at speed so that even in a multiple user environment there will be no long waits in a job queue. With a rated output of 24 A4 pages per minute, the ineo+ 25 also delivers the documents fast – in colour or black & white. Though most of the jobs produced on this compact device will be printed, the ineo+ 25 is also designed to meet a small office’s photocopying, scanning and faxing requirements. And it does so efficiently for a wide variety of media in the grammage range from 60 to 210 g/m2 and for A4-A6 and customised formats.

Easy operatability

Multifunctionality is only beneficial if all the functions are easy to use. Here, the ineo+ 25 offers a number of clear advantages. Office users who often use particular print functions can store them on the first page of their printer driver via the so-called MyTab function – a feature that brings useful time savings on routine print jobs. A four-line LCD display and intuitive operating principle facilitate navigation through the various features of the menu in all of the four functions. So once again, users will not have to worry about wasting their time on complex operating instructions. What’s more, users can directly see from their workplace whether the ineo+ 25 is processing a job or not thanks to the blue flashing Statusline light.

Economical running costs

What ultimately counts in the total cost of ownership equation is not the relatively low purchase price of a multifunctional office device but its economical running costs. An attractive click price combined with low energy consumption, as indicated by its Energy Star certificate and the Blue Angle mark, ensures that the operating costs of the ineo+ 25 are very low. What’s more, the standard duplex printing function also results in significant savings in paper consumption. And since the ineo+ 25 is both a small printer and also a quietly running one, it is an inconspicuous companion in a small office or workgroup environment.