Service Maintenance

Meeting a best-in-class service commitment begins with the partners we choose. Imagetec represents globally significant vendors. They don’t have to be the largest, but it is important that they demonstrate sustained, consistent innovation and share our values.

The world of modern technology standardizes quickly and advances almost in lock step. This means the latest MFD’s can satisfactorily perform the basic copy and print functions most customers expect. ‘Speeds and feeds’ are not unimportant, but it is worth considering that too much emphasis on such basic things easily masks more meaningful and sustainable advantages.

Reliability and longevity is enhanced, for example, by quality standards and manufacturing materials. Environmental sensitivity is a function of design. Smart design is also a precursor to service efficiency. We look under the hood on your behalf, hunting for:

– Long-lasting design and technology advantages.

– Consistency across the range, which makes for ease of use and service efficiency

– An active environmental awareness. Develop’s ‘eco indicator’ will, for example,graphically illustrate to you the benefit of making lower electricity consumption an integral design feature.

Software innovations with potential to add significant value because they help us to achieve an exact fit for example, by opening the way for more seamless integration into corporate information systems; or by allowing personalisation of the solution; or by enhancing Imagetec’s customer service standards and system.