Introducing Imagetec
Imagetec brings you decades of experience delivering contracted print solutions. We offer superb value for money by combining a best-in-class service commitment with world-class hardware and software products.

Imagetec is locally and privately owned, our corporate success depends entirely on how well we conduct our mission to
serve customers. In other words, if we fail you, we fail.

Meeting Customers Where They Want To Be
Imagetec’s strategy is simple. Deliver great service. We will not try to dress your solution up into something you do not want or need.

If you prefer straightforward hardware and technical service solutions involving no nonsense, periodic contract terms, this is what we will offer.

Many customers agree that print solutions can be a path to genuine business improvement. This begins with a more consultative and expansive sales engagement, usually followed by a structured implementation project to ensure success. Enterprise software is often an integral part of these solutions.

Some seek deeper partnership involving fully out sourced implementation and management of the organisation’s print services and/or the development of sophisticated systems integration for security and business process enhancement.

By meeting you where you want to be, we deliver exact fit solutions and meaningful business-to-business partnership.

Thousands of customers across Australia – organisations large and small in just about any industry you could name – select the place where substance meets service. Imagetec.

For more information about Imagetec, please download our Company Profile.